Tips for families


The MTB ZONE bike parks really meet all interests. A family who loves mountain bikes is quickly on a similar technique level and can often ride the same routes. However, if occasional riders are present, there is a need for less experienced people, whether children or adults, to keep the whole family in good spirits all day long. The MTB ZONE bike park includes:

Diverse trails: from easy to difficult, for all ages

  • Exercise course (kids from about 5 or 6 years), ideally even kids' course (for younger children)
  • Easy flow trails and very simple table lines (for children from around eight years old)
  • In the medium difficulty biker X or freeride, medium difficulty jumplines or slopestyle areas (children over eight years with appropriate experience)
  • Difficult offers in all forms from downhill to trails with large drops or gaps to jump-oriented offers such as jumplines or slopestyle courses (not suitable for children, more for young people and adults)

Our tip:
Always start with an easy route and then slowly approach the others.

Reliable route descriptions (level of difficulty, length, age information)

Our tip:
Whether children are able to ride certain distances depends not only on their age, but also on their motor skills and riding experience. The ages of our routes are recommendations. Parents know their children and their skills better.

Chickenways to ride around difficult elements

Our tip:
Always walk along the trail with the children to see which elements they can manage and which and which they should better ride around.


Chair lifts or gondola lifts

Our tip:
The easiest way to transport a bike is with gondola lifts into which the bikes can be pushed in. The Ettelsberg cable car in Willingen is completely barrier-free. The gondola lift at bike park Petzen has a bracket for the bikes. Chair lifts also have bike brackets. Parents should help children with hanging up the bikes. Often, staff are also available to help those who do not have the strength or body size to work alone. T-bar lifts are not suitable for small children and beginners.


Our tip:
A good rental carries high-quality bikes and equipment for every type of mountain bike sport and for almost every age. As a rule, this applies to children from the age of eight. If the children are smaller, parents should inquire before whether and which bikes, helmets and protectors are available. You can then try out in the rental whether it fits. The staff is on hand to provide advice.

Bike school

Our tip:
A good bike school has courses for children of different ages, beginners, advanced riders of all types. If the family wants to learn together, family courses or private lessons are ideal.


This includes track building, good track maintenance and bike park rules that all guests should adhere to. Among other things, this includes how to behave in a bike park so as not to endanger yourself and others and that stronger riders take less account of themselves.

Our tip:
The bike park rules of the MTB ZONE parks can be seen on the websites, in the booklets and at the lift ticket offices.

Children and adolescents without parental accompanying

In principle, children can also drive alone in the park, provided they have the necessary driving technique and experience. When purchasing a lift ticket, rental bikes or protectors, a legal guardian must be present for under-eighteen-year-olds. Alternatively, children and adolescents can submit a declaration of consent from the parents.

Our tip:
This decision on whether the child is able to ride alone in the park is the responsibility of the parents. If that's the case, the parents can issue a declaration of consent. This can be downloaded from the parks' websites at the sides "Lift tickets" and "Rental". This can be presented at the lift ticket office or in rental.


Our tip:
There are affordable family tickets in the MTB ZONE bike parks. They are available as day tickets on Geisskopf and Petzen. In Willingen there are different offers from day to multi-day tickets.


Prices Bikepark Willingen 

Prices Bikepark Geisskopf

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Additional offers

Our tip:
When all family members share the same mountain bike enthusiasm, the day in the bike park flies by. If this is not the case, catering and other leisure activities in the immediate vicinity help to keep all family members happy. In the MTB ZONE bike parks there are various gastronomic offers directly on the routes. From there, spectators can relax and watch the bike park. All three parks also have leisure facilities nearby. From the playground to the summer toboggan run to archery or disc golf.