At TrailTrophy, fun with friends is the most important thing: who is the fastest on the trail when you’re riding in a group? Of course there are always a few fast girls and boys right up front – but the vast majority of TrailTrophy participants are more concerned with the fun they can have together on the trails, only to meet up for one (or two) sports drinks afterwards. 400 participants experience the diversity of the trails at the Geisskopf. All in all a perfect Enduro mix, with stages which are up to three kilometres long! Some trails will only be finished shortly before the race!

September 17. - 19, 2021

Rock the Hill Festival

Mountain biking and partying at the Geisskopf: with around 3000 visitors, the Rock the Hill Festival has become part of the fixed programme at Germany’s first bike park. During the day there’s Gravity action at the bike park, courses in riding technique and guided tours along the trails of the bavarian forest. At the MTB-Expo, 40 manufacturers present new and tried-and-tested bikes and accessories. Visitors can try bikes out. In the evening the party begins. Visitors revel to punk and rock music in front of the stage.

June 17. - 19. 2022

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