what to do in an emergency

  • If you fall, leave the trail immediately if possible.
  • If you see a lightly injured person, offer your help and help them leave the trail if necessary.
  • Should you find someone who is seriously injured or unconsciousness, do not move them if possible.
  • Call the mountain rescue (112) and state the number of the nearest emergency point. You will find it on the orange signs which are placed on the side of the trails every 70 metres.
  • Secure the scene of the accident: one person must warn other mountain bikers and advise them to ride around the accident site.
  • Somebody else should stay with the injured person and administer first aid.
  • Please don't try to go to the lift station in order to notify the staff there. This only takes up unnecessary time.
  • If you come across an already secured accident site where the mountain rescue service is already providing first aid, please carry on riding and circumvent the accident site carefully leaving enough distance to respect the privacy of the injured and so as not to hinder the rescue.
Verhalten im Notfall