All users or visitors of the Bikepark MTB Zone Bischofmais are responsible in the event of damage. You are aware of the risks of unprepared and unsecured routes.


a) General conditions of use
Use of the MTB Zone bike park is only permitted with a valid ticket. All users must adhere to the rules of conduct, safety, signs on the routes and the instructions of the lift and bike staff. If the safety instructions and rules of conduct are not observed, the operator is free to withdraw the admission and lift ticket.

b) Security obligations
Helmets are mandatory throughout the park. In this regard, we strongly recommend full-face helmets and the wearing of protectors.
Ride slowly in areas where visibility is limited and keep a safe distance. The person in front of you and weaker bikers always have the right of way and must not be forced. Stopping on the route is prohibited.
For the safety of other users, accidents and property damage must be reported immediately to the Bikestation.

c) Commercial use
Diddie Schneider Sportevent & Design is the operator of the MTB ZONE Bikepark Bischofmais. Training, courses and events are carried out exclusively by Diddie Schneider. Any commercial actions and events in the Bikepark Bischofmais by third parties are prohibited. This also includes marketing, advertising and photo rights.

Mountain bikes and other equipment are only rented through the MTB ZONE Bikepark.
Legal action will be taken in the event of an infringement.


With the purchase of the lift ticket, the bike park conditions are recognized.