Bike parks are there to learn, train and have fun. This is where mountain bikers with different experience levels and riding skills come together. There are some rules for the safety of everyone involved and for good co-operation.

For your safety
• Make sure to only ride mountain bikes which are suitable for the bike park and make sure to perform regular checks to ensure that your bike is in proper working order.
• The rules of the road also apply in the bike park: alcohol and drugs are prohibited.
• Helmets are mandatory in the entire park. The hard difficulty level trails also require protectors.
• Whenever you ride, be sure to adjust your speed and overall riding behaviour to the conditions of the trail, the weather and the terrain.
• Be realistic when it comes to your riding skill level and only use trails which are suitable for your level.
• If you are not familiar with the trail, you should take a look before the first ride, walk along the trail and take note of its route and all the jumps.
• If you are not confident that you can perform a jump, ride around it (use the chickenways).
• Maintain a safe distance between yourself and the bikers in front of you. Especially if they are less proficient: Please don’t be pushy.
• Please do not take children with you on the bike. Not even in permanently installed child seats.

For everyone’s safety
• Look ahead while riding and be cautious, there may be someone in your path, for example a biker who has had an accident.
• Always overtake with enough distance to allow for any and all maneuvers.
• In case of a fall, please leave the trail immediately.
• It is generally forbidden to loiter in narrow parts of the trail or parts with poor visibility, unless absolutely necessary.
• Choose a spot with good visibility if you want to stop, and leave the trail immediately.
• Slow down when riding past any person at the side of the trail, whether they are lost hikers, members of the bike park team at work or fellow bikers.
• Do not leave any objects on the trails.
• Break carefully and never break using the rear wheel only. This is dangerous as you can lose control over your bike quickly. Moreover, drifting causes damage to the surface of the trail.

Proper conduct and co-operation
• Help bikers who have fallen and ask if they are alright, even if they do not appear to be hurt.
• The Shape Team is always at work to clear the trails of rocks. However, should you find rocks or objects on the trail, help yourself and others by removing them immediately.
• Be considerate of less proficient riders and do not obstruct anyone with your actions.

Nature conservation
• Interference with the natural environment is prohibited.
• You may only ride on open, designated and signposted bike park trails.
• The use of the trails outside of the opening hours of the bike park is strictly prohibited.
• Do not leave the designated bike park trails. This is not only due to nature preservation. Trails with a fixed surface can be damaged by the bikes through leaving, which can quickly lead to erosion.

MTB traffic rules
• Keep away from trails and parts of the trails which have been closed off. Maintenance work or a rescue may be in progress, persons or machines may be on the trail.
• Always pay attention to the signs and markings on the individual trails.
• Never ride uphill on trails which were designed for downhill riding. Pushing your bike uphill is also prohibited due to safety reasons.
• It is strictly prohibited to interfere with the route of the trail.
• Follow the instructions of Shapers, lift operators and rescue teams. They are responsible for your safety in the park.

Please help us
• If you see a mountain biker breaking the rules, please approach them in a friendly manner and point out why they should cease such behaviour.
• Ask Shapers or lift personnel for assistance. They will support you.

Please understand that grossly negligent conduct may result in having your lift pass revoked or even a permanent ban from the bike park. We hope you enjoy yourself!