MTB ZONE is the leading bike park brand in the German-speaking world. The MTB ZONE Bikepark Geisskopf is located in the Bavarian Forest near Bischofsmais. There is also a park in Carinthia and one in Willingen in the Sauerland. All are directed by Diddie Schneider.

The parks highly prioritise trail quality and maintenance. Diddie Schneider always realises new ideas that are often formative for the entire industry.

3 bike parks
32 trails
62 km total length
6 lifts
Roughly 60,000 visitors a year

MTB ZONE – Bikepark  Geisskopf

  • Opened in 1999 as the first German bike park
  • 15 trails, 23 km in total
  • 1 chair lift, 1 drag lift

MTB ZONE – Bikepark  Petzen

  • IMBA Trail Award 2014
  • 3 trails, 25 km in total
  • 1 gondola lift, 1 drag lift

MTB ZONE – Bikepark  Willingen

  • 9 trails with 15 km in total
  • 1 gondola lift, 1 chair lift

MTB ZONE is a concept that stands for networking, synergy and optimisation of marketing. Bikepark Geisskopf in the Bavarian Forest, Bikepark Petzen in Carinthia and Bikepark Willingen in the Sauerland are among them. All are directed by Diddie Schneider. The locations benefit:

  • From the many years of experience and from the operator’s sound knowledge of the industry.
  • Reliable image transfer: consistently high quality and uniform standards.
  • We take great care: with top-notch events, popular sports concepts and efficient internal marketing. The parks network with each other and market each other.
  • A high level of innovation: new trails are constantly being created and provide the MTB market with trend-setting accents time and again.