Mountain biking is enthusiasm and zest for life. We support our visitors in experiencing this according to their individual interests. We want them to have a sense of achievement which motivates and inspires them - everyone, regardless of age or nationality, from beginners to intermediate level, from flow or free riders to downhill riders!

Good trails, unsoiled nature and good community support are necessary to achieve that! Respect for other people, their individual preferences, their abilities as well as our natural surroundings, which make it possible to engage in our sport, are all of the utmost value for us. Promoting this is something we care about.


We bring  a variety of people with different interests, different abilities, possibilities and goals together. We build trails for all of them. Not every trail can please every mountain biker, and it doesn't have to. But we want every mountain biker to be able to find a trail that they like. It's the same as it is with music. Not everyone likes this or that either, but everyone likes something. For us, building such routes is a job for experienced professionals. First and foremost Diddie Schneider, one of the leading European trail builders, with more than 30 years of experience. Also part of the team are several more of the best trail builders who can be found in Germany and Austria. They all have the same goal.


A very important part of the bike park experience is the community. Good co-operation, solidarity and goals. Experiences that motivate you to do more. The basis consists of tolerance, understanding and appreciation. This applies to visitors, employees and everyone who comes into contact with us. We treat our visitors with that attitude and respect and our visitors respect one another, regardless of whether they are visiting the bike park for the first time or are already experienced riders. We are committed to this by designing bike parks which guarantee these things. Our bike park rules provide the necessary framework and orientation for co-operation that works. We use all means of communication available to us to provide information, clarify, and promote mutual understanding. This also applies to the digital world. We advocate treating each other with respect on social media.


Mountain biking depends on nature and takes place in nature. We treat nature and the resources available to us with respect when building the trails and during their maintenance. Nature is only interfered with as much as is necessary to ensure that we are building a good trail. We interfere as little as possible. We build the trails in such a way so that they withstand riding optimally, are durable and require as little reworking as possible. We use the necessary resources sparingly and, if possible, recycle them. We want our guests to show the same respect. We promote understanding for nature and resource protection by providing information and education. We also expressly see it as our responsibility to offer mountain bikers attractive alternatives to the “wild” building of trails in nature and to channel them into a suitable location.

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