Tickets can be bought at the lift counter or booked online.

StarJack Key Card holders book their tickets directly in the online shop. You can then quickly and easily get to the bike park without queuing. If you don't have a key card yet, you can order one in the online shop and it will be sent to you by post.

Alternatively, a voucher can be purchased in the online shop (pick-up card). You then receive a QR code, which is saved on your mobile phone or printed out and shown at the checkout. There is then the ticket.

Gravity card and season ticket holders do not need to register online. You can show your tickets directly at the lift ticket office. Gravity cards and season tickets are available at the Ettelsberg ticket office.

The Gravity Card can also be ordered online at

The provider of the online shop is StarJack. If there are any problems, support will help you quickly and reliably at



Please register first in the StarJack ticket shop


You will receive your starjack keycard via express delivery. It is valid for 5 years and can be topped up as often as you like.

Top up your ticket / buy a voucher

You top up your key card online or or buy a voucher for a specific date.


  • Book online using the keycard. When and wherever you want.
  • Simple real-time booking: log into your starjack account online. Choose your destination, add your ticket to your shopping cart, pay and … go straight to the lift!
  • No more opening hours or queues at the ticket offices – because you are a starjacker!
  • One account for many starjackers – in your starjack account you manage keycards and bookings for your family, friends, buddies …
  • You will receive your starjack keycard(s) in the comfort of your home by post and will be able to top them up online as often as you like for 5 years.
  • You can also buy StarJack vouchers