Flow Country Trail


To ride fluidly, as if the bike were moving by itself – that’s what you get with the Flow Country Trail. Due to the special track construction and the combination of waves and bends, you experience the typical flowing, euphoric riding feeling, like a roller coaster ride. Large bends enable you to ride fast. Small jumps are integrated into the trail, but can be rolled over. Due to its smooth and hard surface, the trail is rideable in bad weather conditions.

Trail designer Diddie Schneider and Hans “No Way” Rey, pioneers of the freeride movement, have developed this special trail shape. The family-friendly, age-independent characteristic of this trail were of great importance to them.

Suitable for eMountain bikes.
Suitable for hardtails
Rather not suitable for dirt bikes.
Suitable for children with appropriate experience from around eight years of age


Length: 2900 meters
Difficulty: Easy
Protectors: helmet mandatory, recommendation: full-face helmet and protectors