what to do in an emergency

  • If you fall, leave the trail immediately if possible.
  • If you see a lightly injured person, offer your help and help them leave the trail if necessary.
  • Should you find someone who is seriously injured or unconsciousness, do not move them if possible.
  • Call the mountain rescue (112) and state the number of the nearest emergency point. You will find it on the orange signs which are placed on the side of the trails every 70 metres.
  • Secure the scene of the accident: one person must warn other mountain bikers and advise them to ride around the accident site.
  • Somebody else should stay with the injured person and administer first aid.
  • Please don't try to go to the lift station in order to notify the staff there. This only takes up unnecessary time.
  • If you come across an already secured accident site where the mountain rescue service is already providing first aid, please carry on riding and circumvent the accident site carefully leaving enough distance to respect the privacy of the injured and so as not to hinder the rescue.


Bike parks are for learning, training and having fun. This is where mountain bikers with different knowledge and riding skills meet. For the safety of everyone involved and for good cooperation, there are a few rules


your security

  • Only ride mountain bikes that are suitable for the bike park and regularly check your bike for functionality.
  • As in road traffic, the same applies in the bike park: no alcohol and no drugs.
  • Helmets are compulsory throughout the park. Protectors are also strongly recommended on the heavier routes.
  • Adapt your driving behavior and speed to the road, weather and terrain conditions.
  • Assess your driving skills realistically and only ride routes that match your ability.
  • You should look at routes that you do not know before the first ride and walk alongside the routes to see the route and all the jumps.
  • For jumps that you don't know how to do, use the detours (chickenways).
  • Keep a safe distance from the driver in front of you. Especially if they are less experienced drivers: please do not push.
  • Please do not take children with you on the bike - not even in fixed child seats.


The safety of everyone involved

  • Drive with foresight: for example, there could be a driver who has had an accident on the route ahead of you.
  • Please always overtake at a distance that leaves enough room for all movements.
  • In the event of a fall, leave the track as quickly as possible.
  • In general, it is not permitted to stand in narrow or unclear places on the route unless it is necessary.
  • Choose a clear place to stop and leave the track immediately.
  • Slowly pass people standing by the side of the trail, whether they're lost hikers, the bike park team at work, or other bikers.
  • Don't leave objects in the tracks.
  • Brake wisely and never just with the rear wheel. This is dangerous as you can quickly lose control of your bike. In addition, drifting damages the track surface.


Good togetherness

  • Help fallen riders and ask them how you are, even if they don't appear to be injured.
  • The shape team is constantly on duty to clear the tracks of stones. If you still see stones or objects in the routes, help yourself and others by removing them immediately.
  • Be considerate of weaker drivers and do not hinder anyone with your actions.


nature conservation

  • Interventions in nature are prohibited.
  • You may only ride on the open, designated and signposted bike park routes.
  • Driving on the routes is prohibited outside of the opening hours of the bike park.
  • Do not leave the designated bike park routes. This is not just for conservation reasons - routes with a paved surface are damaged at the edges when exiting, which very quickly leads to erosion damage.


MTB traffic rules

  • Stay out of closed tracks and track sections. Work can take place there, people or machines can be found there or rescue operations can take place.
  • Be sure to observe the posted signs and markings on the individual routes.
  • Never ride uphill on routes designed for downhill riding. Pushing uphill is also prohibited for safety reasons.
  • Interventions in the course of the route are prohibited.
  • Follow the instructions of shapers, lift operators and rescue workers. You are responsible for safety in the park.


Please help us

  • If you see a mountain biker violating these rules, please speak up to him in a friendly manner and explain why he must refrain from doing so.
  • If necessary, involve the shapers or lift personnel. They will support you.


Please understand that in the case of grossly negligent behavior we have to withdraw the lift ticket or even issue a bike parking ban.

Have fun!

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